Where’s the focus?

Many groups/people have difficulty with focusing. I honestly feel that focus is one of the first places where a musician or a band might get off track. Let me first clarify that losing focus happens to the best people at times. The key is to be aware of it. Merriam-Webster defines focus as “a main purpose or interest.”  One of the first things to do in a band is to define the focus. Ask yourself and your bandmates: What is the desired outcome? For whom am I doing this? Am I ready for the amount of work required? The answers to these questions will set the tone for your band/product and how you function as members. How does clarifying the focus help with playing nice? It puts everyone on the same page and when communicated clearly (once decided upon) provides a bedrock upon which to build and propel you, your band, and your product upward. When problems arise (and they do), that focus helps everyone involved to meet on common ground to work out the issues. No focus = chaos.


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