Shaping a product

When pruning a bush, does one take an axe to it? Or do you use a hedge trimmer to carefully shape the bush? An axe will pretty much kill whatever is there but trimmers, when properly used, can help the bush grow to its full potential.

The same could be said about shaping a musical product. Is it really a good idea to throw down in the middle of band rehearsal (i.e. “this sucks, and you all suck too”)? Or, would it be better to come up with ideas and solutions that will help to propel the group forward? Solution-based thinking is critical to crafting a competitive product that a band/artist can present to the masses. Honesty is important though too, so if it does “suck,” then why? And how do we fix it? I have been in a number of situations where bandmates make a blanket statement that there is an element that requires changing without being able to give any sort of foundation on why they feel this way and no suggestions to assist with fixing the “problem.” It takes a team to make a great product and that team has to work together. Clear, constructive communication plays a huge role in this concept. How do you communicate (i.e. do you use the axe or  the trimmers)? Do your methods contribute or detract from the product?

This is a food-for-thought post. Please answer with your thoughts in the comments below!


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