Get your crap together! (Or a post about work ethic)

I have wanted to scream that at people I have had to work with in the past. In most cases, I haven’t said exactly what is on my mind but the temptation is great. I digress . . .

Work ethic is something that we don’t always notice until it’s gone, especially if you are used to working with people who stop at nothing to be prepared or complete a task. Those people are highly sought after and unfortunately very few. What is it about these individuals that typically makes them so valuable and attractive? You guessed it: Work ethic.

Simply put, work ethic is the drive to accomplish something. In a band/music setting, good work ethic is indispensable. However, clashes can happen when there are other individuals present who don’t have a good work ethic. It can be maddening! I have been in this situation many times. Some of the situations I have run into are things such as an individual just deciding to not learn their parts, picking and choosing what they will perform . . . during the concert, and thinking that they don’t have to learn something because they have already “made it.” These situations are tough to handle. What do these people lack? Work ethic (among other things)!

Understanding yourself is part of the key to working out these situations. There are various types of motivations/drives. Personally, I am intrinsically motivated. Satisfaction is gained from having done my best to accomplish a task at the highest level possible. My conscience won’t allow for anything less. Being motivated in this way makes it very difficult at times to deal with work ethic situations. I have to step outside myself and really try to see what where the other person is coming from. I typically try to use a mirror to show an individual their musical product and then explain why there are issues. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Every situation is different and I am constantly learning how to better manage people.

What is your motivation? How would you handle someone who lacks work ethic?

Share about yourself and then share how you would handle a work ethic issue in the comments below!


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