Symbiotic Relationships: A Follow-up to Soundcheck 101

I am back and moving again on the blog after a busy few months. Here is a follow-up (2 years late) to Soundcheck 101. I wanted to solidify my stance on the subject and also chat about establishing relationships. Enjoy!

You can read the original post here: Soundcheck 101

2 responses to “Symbiotic Relationships: A Follow-up to Soundcheck 101

  1. Nice, Aaron. It basically boils down to choosing our state of being ahead of time. I will be ______ (fill in the blank with kind, considerate, respectful, positive, etc.) no matter what shows up. Then we never have to regret our actions later. And I wholeheartedly second your shout out to Christo and Will at the Whisky-A-Go-Go. 2 1/2 hour sound check? Unheard of! They were consummate pros and I too can’t wait to work with them again, hopefully taping Twisted Gypsy’s episode of AXS-TV’s “World’s Best Tribute Bands!”

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