5 Tips to Help You Avoid Inaction

Many talk big, but few walk that talk. Extremely few. I’ve noticed that a tremendous number of people in the music industry greatly enjoy talking about all the stuff they want to do in the hopes of sounding important but so few actually go through with it (whatever it may be). This is especially true when it comes to one-on-one conversations (i.e. Hey, let’s do a project together!” . . . or my personal favorite “I’m going to send you some stuff to get started!”). Sometimes the inaction immediately follows (see this earlier MBE post), but even more frustrating is the inaction that comes after some initial action. One person takes initiative, and the other fizzles out and generally comes up with excuses as to why he/she can’t do it. This is something that I see thrown around all the time and it is just plain bad form. The individuals involved never complete anything or nothing ever gets started in the first place. Inaction is one of the great enemies of success.

Want to avoid inaction? Check out these 5 tips on pushing forward in your endeavors:

  1. Establish an endgame: What is the purpose? This is really important because if there isn’t a clearly defined goal, then it becomes nearly impossible to hone in on what needs to be done.
  2. Come up with a plan (different than an endgame): So many people just refuse to get organized and come up with at least a skeleton of an execution plan. This is a road block that must be avoided. Get organized and make a plan. Sure, you may need to modify it along the way and that’s completely normal but you need to have something from which to work.
  3. Make/set deadlines: I’ve heard a lot of people make excuses for why this one isn’t feasible. I’m going to have to throw the BS flag on that one and my reasoning is pretty simple: Do you want to work? Have a good reputation? Then set deadlines/make deadlines.
  4. Follow up: Yes, sometimes things do fall through the cracks and a quick reminder is needed on someone’s part (or everyone’s). It’s important to take the initiative to follow up and get the ball rolling again.
  5. Live and die by your word: If you say that you’re going to do something, then do it. Commit to it. In short, if you can’t/won’t walk, then don’t talk.

Aaron Kusterer is a musician and tour manager based out of Long Beach, CA. He has performed with artists such as Eddie Money, Juanes, and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson) to name a few. He has also performed across the globe during a 10-year stint with the United States Air Force Band, 6 years of which was spent as a music director and tour manager. In addition, he owns and operates Advantage Tour Management. For more information on him, check out: AaronKusterer.com.


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